2013 sees the 100th edition of what most people consider the greatest bike race on earth – the Tour de France.

This is my homage to the men who made it happen and my attempt to tell some of the tales you may never have heard – of courage, daring, idiocy – and to look at the way a whole sport was created – the sport of professional stage racing.

Through anecdotes, images and other flotsam and jetsam that has sifted down over the years – with some personal recollections thrown in for good measure – I’ll attempt to look at the tales that are rarely told, or oft told tales with a new eye.

I’m hoping to expand 100 Tours 100 Tales into an ebook so keep checking for details on the publication date.




One thought on “About

  1. suzecy, just something on your eurosport podcast which i enjoyed – sorry if i misheard but it sounded like you said van impe was overtaken then hit the car. from the film he is seen in the gutter after the car hitting him/he hits car depending on whos story you listen too 😉 he then gets back on the bike and is overtaken as he jumps off again as his bike is damaged, cheers, jeff
    ps just for you not a posting but only contact i could see.

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